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December 11, 2010

Landhof Cabanossi

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Cabanossi from Landhof are known as savoury and luscious snack sausages from audited pork, beef and bacon. Those sausages are smoked and spiced according to a traditional recipe. Landhof Cabanossi are without gluten, without milk commodity, and there are also no artificial dyestuffs. It looks like these Cabanossi sausages are quite natural. Landhof Cabanossi are manufactured in Austrias provincial capital Linz. 95 percent of all the used meat in the sausages comes from Austria.

3000g in one bag. You see, those Cabanossi sausages have an impressive length.

Spicy and smoked snack is promised on the wrapping. I was not so excited about it. For me this kind of snack is too luscious and too thick. I prefer dry and thin sausages.

I wasn’t so excited about the spice either. If there were spices inside the sausage I did not recognize them very well. There was some kind of taste, but nothing remarkable.

December 5, 2010

Handl Tiroler Hirschboxerl

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Tiroler Hirschboxerl is a raw sausage manufactured by Tirols traditional sausage maker Handl. The Hirschboxerl bag includes six sausages which consist of deer meet. The sausages were slightly smoked.

I have experienced this Hirschboxerl sausages as very soft. The spice was alright. Not too much and not too little. I have enjoyed Handl Tiroler Hirschboxerl with white and black bread. It was a snice snack on a Saturday evening. A glass of beer fits very well to such a meal.

6 small sausages in such a bag.

How they look like.

The inside of a Handl Tiroler Hirschboxerl.

November 28, 2010

Loidl Soletti Kornspitz Snack

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“Snack di weg” is the name of a new snack made in combination by Austrias traditional sausage manufacturer Loidl, and the world famous salty snack maker Soletti. Two traditional Austrian companies got together to create a whole new snack adventure. Small sausage balls with crispy breadsticks in the shape of the famous Kornspitz.

Loidl Soletti Kornspitz Snack has a long shelf life without any refrigeration and also received the Austrian AMA seal of quality. I must confess that the sausage was not spicy enough for me. That was because I chose to take the mild version. There should be also a spicy version. But I think it’s a funny idea, and I really liked those crunchy Kornspitz Soletti pieces.

Here is a look on how it’s sold.

I was not so excited about the sausage balls. Their taste was just too boring. But the Kornspitz Soletti pieces were wonderful!

February 17, 2007

Knabbernossi Sausage Snack

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Knabbernossi Sausage Snack is the classic version of all Knabbernossi Sausages which already exist this way since 1979.

The long shelf life makes it perfect to be a delicious travel provisions for long lasting trips.


knabbernossi classic

Knabbernossi Garlic Sausage

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The spicy garlic awards the Austrian sausage speciality Knabbernossi Sausage Snack a very special taste.

The long shelf life of Knabbernossi is remarkable.


knabbernossi koblauch

Knabbernossi Sausage Snack with Ketchup

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Knabbernossi Sausage is an Austrian sausage speciality. Knabbernossi already exisits since 1979. The little sausage snack is one of the most popular sausages in Austria.

Knabbernossi distinguish itself by the long shelf life and the delicious taste.


knabbernossi ketchup

February 3, 2007

Handl Kaminwurzerl Raw Hard Cured Sausage

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handl kaminwurzerl
Handl Kaminwurzerl ist the litte snack sausage of Tiroleans mountains.

Handl Kaminwurzerl are manufactured according to a traditional receipt and smoked over beech wood.

Only the finest parts of the pork are taken for the original Kaminwuzerl.

The receipt for the Kaminwurzerl was invented by Karl Handl in 1902.

When the smoking over beech wood is finnish, the Kaminwurzerl becomes matured.

The mature process is done when the Kaminwuzerl has the right drying level.

Especially the light smoking flavour and the full and spicy taste of the Kaminwuzerl, let the hearts of the sausage lovers beat faster.





January 30, 2007

Kletzerl Raw and Hard Cured Sausage

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kletzerl rohwurst hartwurst
The master butcher Josef Kletzl vouches himself for the highest quality of his meat and sausage specialities.

The hot Kletzerl raw and hard cured sausages distinguish itself by a spicy taste, and count as small but fine snack between the meals.

The Kletzerl raw and hard cured sausages are manufactured in the Upper Austrian province of the Innviertel, and smoked over beech wood.

The Upper Austrian province of the Innviertel was a long time a part of Bavaria. After the war of Bavarian succession between 1777 and 1779, Innviertel became a part of Austria.

Still today the culture and the architecture of the Innviertel reminds strongly on Bavaria.

Under this historical aspects a Kletzerl raw and hard cured sausage also carries a piece of Bavarian culture in itself.

The raw and hard cured sausage of Kletzerl also won the international competition of meat and sausage products with a gold medal. An honour which puncuate the specialized skills of this kind of sausage.


January 29, 2007

Handl Landjäger

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The origin of the Landjäger raw sausage is located in the federal state of Voralberg, in the outermost western part of Austria. In that part of Austria the sausages were used as long-lasting snack during work in the fields or walks in the mountains.
Nowadays the Landjägers are popular in the whole south of the German speaking area (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria).

The sausage manufacturer Handl from Tyrol was able to create a very special version of the Landjäger. The manufacture only takes place after a very careful selection of the raw materials from the pork and the beef. After addition of traditional spices, the raw material is pressed in special forms. The Landjäger becomes its shape while staying three days there. After the three days the Landjägers were smoked over beech wood. After that the sausages are matured and dried for one whole week.

Harmonical spices are the reasons for the substantial and nourishing flavour of the Landjäger. The long shelf life is secured by the large-scale smoke and drying process of the Tirolean sausage manufacturer Handl.


handl landjäger

Wiesbauer Alpenwurzn Raw Hard Cured Sausage

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alpenwurznThe raw sausage “Alpenwurzn” is WordPress最新cms/blog主题U142 manufactured in Vienna by the Viennese company Wiesbauer.

Alpenwurzn cheap jerseys consits of chosen and well cutted lean pork, beef and pithy bacon.

The Alpenwurzn raw sausage distinguish Auto itself especially for its superb quality.

The raw sausage developes its typical wholesale NBA jerseys aroma in a special “cold smoke process” over beech wood.

The adjacent civiltà maturity process takes place under the strictest supervised Almdudler climate conditions.

Indeed such a delicate raw sausage speciality is a truely colossal Who dream of a snack between the meals.

Enjoy the Alpenwurzn with a bread roll cheap jerseys and a glass of Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys beer.

The fantastic for flavour of this culinaric masterly performance, let you imagine the genious art of the traditional Viennese raw sausage manufacturer Wiesbauer in its wholesale jerseys full dimension.