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November 25, 2010

Meica CurryKing Currywurst

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We Austrians had to wait a long time until a currywurst for the microwave was available in supermarkets. No Austrian food or sausage manufacturer was interested in such a product. It was the German company of Meica who brought the currywurst into the Austrian market. Now it’s available in almost all Austrian supermarkets.

The currywurst is something very exotic in Austria. Usually not available in sausage huts and snack bars. That’s the main charm and attraction for me, and of course also the good taste.

Meica CurryKing Currywurst only needs 2 minutes in the microwaves with 750 watt. So it’s a fast meal for the busy ones with a wonderful taste. I especially like the thick and spicy sauce. A true enjoyment with white bread and a glass of beer.

Meica is a very traditional sausage manufacturer in Germany. The company was established in 1908 in the North West of Germany, close to the border of the Netherlands.

The wrapping of Meica CurryKing Currywurst.

The wooden fork and extra curry spice on the backside.

After only two minutes in the microwave ready for enjoyment.