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November 24, 2010

Sammy’s Super Sandwich

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I must confess Sammy’s Super Sandwich is not an Austrian product. But it’s sold in almost all Austrian supermarkets and compared to Austrian sandwiches superior in size, storability, and taste. That’s the reason I always take Sammy’s Super Sandwich when I want to make myself a toast.

Sammy’s Super Sandwich is extremly soft and consists of weath. It’s in the category called “white wheat bread”. There are two different packages available. One has 375g and the other one 750g.

Sammy’s Super Sandwich is manufactured by the company called “Harry”. Harry is one of Germanies leading bread manufacturer. The traces of the company reach back to the year 1688. It was a small baker’s shop in Hamburgs district Altona.

The 375g pack of Sammy’s Super Sandwich.

Sammy’s Super Sandwich with ham and cheese. Ready for enjoyment.

Update: As I see on the wrapping, the famous Austrian bread and cake manufacturer Ölz is somehow involved in the production or distribution of Sammy’s Super Sandwich. So there is more Austrian inside as I have thought before.