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February 16, 2007

Kelly’s Zigeunerräder (Gypsy Wheels) Paprika Crackers

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The spicy paprika crackers snack has the name “Zigeunerräder” which means “gypsy wheels”.

If you taste the Zigeunerräder you will be taken to a hot and spicy ride through Austrias neighbour country Hungary.


kellys zigeunerräder

Kelly’s Sing Sing Salty Jail Shaped Crackers

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Sing Sing is made following the colloquial name of the jail in Ossining, about 50 kilometres from New York.

The jail shaped crackers should remind you, to lock those crackers away. Elseway they are gone. Sing Sing tastes too delicious.


kellys sing sing

February 10, 2007

Soletti Salty Sticks

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The brand of Soletti exists since 1949, but the product itself already since 1901. It was master baker Zach from the town of Feldbach in Styria in 1901, who invented this kind of fine salty snack.

The legendary salty snack is already something like an Austrian cult object. In 1985 the master baker company Zach was sold to Austrias biggest salty snack producer “Kelly’s” from Vienna. 150 workers are making Soletti for the daily demand. Soletti has one of the most state-of-the-art baking machines in Europe.

The reason of the huge success of Soletti is the charming taste of the salty sticks. If you hold some sticks enclosed in your hand, and wait some minutes before consumption, the Soletti stick taste even more better. Give it try!