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November 27, 2010

Sorger Salami Sausages Salanettis

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Sorgers salami sausages called Salanettis are advertised as “the new party snack”. Sorger is a meat and sausage manufacturer from Styria with a long traditon. The company exists since more than 100 years. Everything started 1907 with a small butchers shop and a restaurant in a small village. Big investments and always the most modern production engineering made Sorger to a very successful company.

There are two types of Salanettis. The mild one and the spicy one. I chose the spicy one, as I always like it a bit aromatic. The long and thin sausages are just perfect. The inside is not too fat, in comperison with low level salami sausages from discount stores, and also the taste is a true enjoyment. Salanettis are made of premium pork and covered in white mould.

Red wrapping for the spicy ones. The mild version has a yellow wrapping.

Long and thin with a covering in white mould.

A look to the inside. Everything is meager and you taste that. No fat pieces like in versions of discount stores. This makes Salanettis to a true enjoyment.