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February 3, 2007

Ölz Cake Linzer Torte Tart

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The traditional cake, the Linzer Torte, was already known and dispatched in all European countries in the middle of the 19th century.

The cake “Linzer Torte” is a famous sweet delicacy in Europe, and maybe also outside of Europe. The Linzer Torte brings the name of the city Linz in a cosy context.

The Linzer Torte was invented in the year 1822 in Linz by the confectioner Johann Konrad Vogel. Vogel was Bavarian by origin and came to Linz because he was in lover with a Linzer lady and wanted to marry her.

The Linzer Torte is made of shortcrust with loads of grinded hazelnuts and a fruity blackcurrent jam.

Master baker Ölz made this composition to an unforgetable treat.


linzer torte

Mohnstrudel Poppy Seed Strudel

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The Mohnstrudel (Poppy Seed Strudel) is a sweet dish of the old Austro Hungarian Monarchy, which later found entry in the national cuisines of the former provinces of the empire.

The oldest receipt of a Strudel was found in Vienna and dates from the year 1696. The receipt is archived in the Viennese City Library and was written by a cook who signed the receipt with the name “Puech”.

50 years later the Strudel was served the first time on the Royal court of Empress Maria Theresia. Only since then the Strudel turned the famous Viennese sweet dish. From the Royal court in Vienna, the Strudel became famous in the whole world.



January 30, 2007

Nuss Kipferl Nut Croissant

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The Kipferl has its origin from the wars of the Austrians against the Turkish. The Kipferl stands for the Turkish crescent which can be eaten symbolical.

When the daughter Marie Antoinette of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia married the French monarch Ludwig XVI, she brought the Kipferl to France. That implied the croissant which became such an important symbol of France. The only difference between the Kipferl and the Croissant is, the Kipferl from Austria is made of baker’s yeast dough, while the French Croissant is made of Danish pastry.

The baker company Thurner Beugl from the federal state of Burgenland lets the old tradition of the Viennese bakery liven up again. 40 years ago Rosi and Herbert Thurner founded their company Thurner Beugl and in short time they became an important name in Austria. If you once have the opportunity to taste the Nusskipferl from Thurner Beugl, you know the reason why.



Ölz Powidl Pastry “Powidltascherl”

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powidltascherl powidl taschen

The Powidl Pastry is known as “Powidltascherl” in Austria.

Powidl Pastry is made of the finest Danish pastry and filled with Powidl.

The Powidltascherl are manufactured by one of the biggest Austrian cake and pastry producers.

Master baker Ölz comes from Austrias westernmost province Vorarlberg.

Powidl consits of plum puree and receives its sweet taste, in contradiction to jam or marmelade, only by its natural fruit.

For this purpose the Powidl must be cooked for hours.

“This is powidl to me”, says the Austrian if he wants to express that he is not interested.

The Slovak footballer Jozef Valachovic, who was a player in Rapid Vienna, was also called “Powidl Pepi”, because he was able to score the penalties always in a calm and quiet precision.