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January 29, 2007

Mautner Markhof Estragon Mustard

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This kind of mustard is something typcial Austrian indeed. Not by accident the Estragon Mustard is Austrias most popular mustard.

The traditional Austrian company of Mautner Markhof manufactures its Estragon mustard according through a very own process.
The hot and spicy taste proves that this kind of process is the right one.

The company Mautner Markhof exists since 1690, and counts to one of the most important mustard manufacturers in Austria.


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Mautner Markhof Kremser Mustard

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Kremser Mustard is manufactured by the Viennese delicatessen manufacturer Mautner Markhof. The company of Mautner Markhof has a very long tradition. Mautner Markhof was founded in 1690. Since that time this name stands for best quality.

Originally the Kremser Mustard was a speciality of the Lower Austrian province “Wachau”, a region of the Danube river. Krems is the biggest city of that region.

Kremser Mustard is a mild and sweet mustard and manufactured by Mautner Markhof according to the original old receipt. Water, mustard seed, wine vinegar, spirits of wine-vinegar, sugar, salt and the finest spices are the ingredients of this wonderful mustard composition.


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