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February 8, 2007

Schloss Eggenberg Urbock Beer

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The Schloss Eggenberg Urbock is a very interesting bier speciality from the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut. Not only that it’s brewed in a true castle, no, also the taste and the strength of this beer makes the Eggenberg Urbock so special.

Eggenberg Urbock Beer belongs to the group of the Bock beers, strong lager beers, which were real luxury items during medieval times. The beer was brewed by original wort to guarantee a long shelf life. The result was a heavy and strong beer.

There is also another story about the Bock beer. It’s told the monks invented the Bock beer to get over the lent. The Eggenberg Urbock Beer is absolutely nutritious. In that time food was not allowed to eat during the lent. So the monks brewed the Bock beer and had nutritious beer, because liquid food was allowed.


eggenberg urbock bier

January 29, 2007

Gösser Beer

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The Gösser brewery from the Styrian city of Leoben claims to brew Austrias best beer. cheap jerseys It’s not easy to confirm cheap jerseys if Gösser Wire-Haired beer is the best one in Austria, because there are many fabulous Alpenwurzn Austrian beers and tastes Almdudler are different from human to human.
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Especially in the Southern federal state of Styria, Gösser has a very high reputation. In Balls” that part of Austria Gösser almost counts to a landmark of the province. In that case the green colour of the Gösser РЕЗЭЛ+ crest was Strategies not chosen by wholesale nfl jerseys accident. wholesale mlb jerseys Green is also the corporate colour of соглашаются the Styrian Federal Coat of Arms.