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December 11, 2010

Landhof Cabanossi

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Cabanossi from Landhof are known as savoury and luscious snack sausages from audited pork, beef and bacon. Those sausages are smoked and spiced according to a traditional recipe. Landhof Cabanossi are without gluten, without milk commodity, and there are also no artificial dyestuffs. It looks like these Cabanossi sausages are quite natural. Landhof Cabanossi are manufactured in Austrias provincial capital Linz. 95 percent of all the used meat in the sausages comes from Austria.

3000g in one bag. You see, those Cabanossi sausages have an impressive length.

Spicy and smoked snack is promised on the wrapping. I was not so excited about it. For me this kind of snack is too luscious and too thick. I prefer dry and thin sausages.

I wasn’t so excited about the spice either. If there were spices inside the sausage I did not recognize them very well. There was some kind of taste, but nothing remarkable.

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