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December 12, 2010

Schärdinger Bergbaron

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Schärdinger Bergbaron is a mild and fine cheese which is manufactured in Upper Austrias region Innviertel. The cheese has a slight sweet and nuttily flavour. Schärdinger Bergbaron exists since 30 years. Before such kind of cheese was known as “Mild Emmentaler”. The makers of the Bergbaron claim that this cheese is best to gratin. So I used that thing for my toast this morning.

The wrapping of Bergbaron.

My toast scalloped with Schärdinger Bergbaron.

December 11, 2010

Landhof Cabanossi

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Cabanossi from Landhof are known as savoury and luscious snack sausages from audited pork, beef and bacon. Those sausages are smoked and spiced according to a traditional recipe. Landhof Cabanossi are without gluten, without milk commodity, and there are also no artificial dyestuffs. It looks like these Cabanossi sausages are quite natural. Landhof Cabanossi are manufactured in Austrias provincial capital Linz. 95 percent of all the used meat in the sausages comes from Austria.

3000g in one bag. You see, those Cabanossi sausages have an impressive length.

Spicy and smoked snack is promised on the wrapping. I was not so excited about it. For me this kind of snack is too luscious and too thick. I prefer dry and thin sausages.

I wasn’t so excited about the spice either. If there were spices inside the sausage I did not recognize them very well. There was some kind of taste, but nothing remarkable.

December 8, 2010

Nuri Sardines

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Nuri Sardines are not manufactured in Austria, but I have included them in, because Nuri is the most popular sardine in Austria. The special thing about Nuri is that those fishes from Portugal are not available in Portuguese supermarkets. 3,4 million Nuri cans are exported every year. 50 percent go to Austria. The other 50 percent are sold to Italy.

The secret behind the wonderful taste of Nuri sardines can be found in the fresh condition of the fish during the processing. Everything is made by hand. Industrial sardine manufacturers use frozen fish during their process. Nuri sardines come directly from the sea. Nuri sardines are exported to Austria since generations.

The wrapping is only made for the Austrian market. The cans which are sold to Italy are without paper wrapping.

I have just opened the can. Now I am ready to experience a wonderful sardine.

Inside the fish called “Nuri”. The fish factory was built in 1920 and is located in the suburbs of Porto.

Nuri consists of the finest sardines from Portugal in olive oil, hot sauce, a slice of carrot and cucumber, laurel, clove, and pepper corn.

Most of the time I enjoy Nuri sardines on a Friday evening to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with this fantastic meal and cold beer. Enjoying Nuri fish is always something which brings me close to heaven.


Schärdinger Traungold Cheese

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Schärdinger Traungold cheese has a mild and nutty flavour. Traungold is also labeled as the “gold nugget” of Austrias cheese assortment. The cheese is manufactured in Upper Austrias Innviertel province. The taste is also slightly sweet and has a lot of broken holes in his character.

Fine and mild is also written on the package.

You see, a lot of broken holes in this kind of cheese.

I used Schärdinger Traungold as the cheese for my toast in the morning. I can’t say I was unhappy about it. I think I will buy Schärdinger Traungold more often in the future.

December 5, 2010

Handl Tiroler Hirschboxerl

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Tiroler Hirschboxerl is a raw sausage manufactured by Tirols traditional sausage maker Handl. The Hirschboxerl bag includes six sausages which consist of deer meet. The sausages were slightly smoked.

I have experienced this Hirschboxerl sausages as very soft. The spice was alright. Not too much and not too little. I have enjoyed Handl Tiroler Hirschboxerl with white and black bread. It was a snice snack on a Saturday evening. A glass of beer fits very well to such a meal.

6 small sausages in such a bag.

How they look like.

The inside of a Handl Tiroler Hirschboxerl.