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November 20, 2010

Inzersdorfer Sausages In Goulash Soup (Würstel in Gulaschsaft)

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The German expression for Inzersdorfer Sausages In Goulash Soup is Würstel in Gulaschsaft. It’s sold in a can and available in almost all Austrian supermarkets. The meal consists of 4 sausages from pork in a spicy goulash soup. The preperation is quite easy. 20 minutes in a cooking pot or 4 minutes in a microwave. I chose the cooking pot and it was a quite good decision.

The sausages are very soft. Very good for old people with bad teeth. The goulash soup is very tasty. I enjoyed it with white bread and beer.

Inzersdorfer Sausages In Goulash Soup (Würstel in Gulaschsaft) is a good way to end a stressful day in the evening with a cosy dinner. Another masterpiece of Austrias famous food manufacturer.

4 pork sausages in spicy goulash soup. This is Inzersdorfers Würstel in Gulaschsaft.

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