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August 1, 2008

Traunkirchner Cake

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The Traunkirchner Cake was invented by Maria Schrangl from Upper Austria in 1936.

traunkirchner cake

Maria Schrangl was a ship cook on the Danube river during the 1930’s. She even came to the black sea with her ship. In that period she found time and inspiration to create her special cake.

traunkirchner cake

In 1938 she had enough of cooking on the water. She bought the “Restaurant Wiesinger” in the Upper Austrian town of Marchtrenk (Welser Strasse), and started to cook on the land. She offered the Traunkirchner Cake only for special orders, and usually only rich people were able to afford this sweet speciality.

Soon the Traunkirchner Cake became a regional sweet delicacy.

traunkirchner cake

Unfortunately the origin of the name is unknown. Until today the cake is known as insiders tip, and not available in shops or coffee houses. The cake on the pictures was made at home.

The Traunkirchner cake needs 3 days until it’s ready for enjoyment. Because of the costly preperation, the sweet delicacy is only made for very special events.