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February 4, 2007

Darbo Fruchtreich Naturrein Blueberry Jam

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Only chosen blueberries are used for the “Darbo Naturrein Fruchtreich Blueberry Jam”. Especially its high fruit content makes Darbo jams so special.

Already in the in medieval times the healing power of blueberries was well-known. Already in that time blueberries were used against raised blood pressure, too much cholesterol, and even diabetes. The blue fruit is also known for its purificationed effect. Blueberries contain a lot of vitamin c, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, and a lot of tannin, which has an anti-inflammatory impact.

There is also a high content of Anthocyanin in the blueberry. There is no other fruit as the blueberry, which has such high content of Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is successful against free radicals, the main causer for cancer and chronic diseases.

All those health supporting properties of the blueberry are included in the jam of Darbo. Darbo takes care not to lose a single healthy characteristic of the blueberry in its jam.

The Darbo company from Tirol produces jam since 1879. It was Rudolf Darbo who set the foundation stone for the subsequent success story.

Darbo was founded in todays Italian city Gorizia. In that time Gorizia was a part of the Austro Hungarian Empire and known as “Görz”. After the defeat in the first world war

Gorizia was taken by the Italians. The boss of Darbo in that time was not so excited about such a change.

He left Gorizia right after the war, and moved to Austria. He decided to continue his jam factory in the Tirolean village of Stans.

The overwhelming success of Darbo jam has been after the second world war. Austria became to one of the most important tourist countries in Europe, and the demand for jam and marmelade rised enormous. Darbo was able to make use of such gap in the market and established to the most successful jam producer in Austria.

The secret behind the success of Darbo jam is in the nature of things that 70% fruit content tastes 100% better. Darbo uses more fruit and less sugar. The Darbo secret for lots of flavour and fewer calories.


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