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February 4, 2007

Alpine Schnapps Steinbeisser Williamspear Nannerl

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alpen schnaps steinbeisser williamsbirne nannerl
The Alpine Schnapps Steinbeisser of the Nannerl company from Salzburg is a schnapps of the extra class.

Nannerl makes schnapps and spirits on the highest level.

The Alpine Schnapps Steinbeisser Williams Pear offers the schnapps lover the purest, most fruity williams pear flavour, and the most intensive taste of the matured fruit.

Only since 1904 the William peach found prevalence.

The Williams pear was mentioned the first time in 1770 in England.

The fruit was named according to its first propagator.

This was a certain Mr. Williams from London.

In the middle of the 19th century it came the Williams peach was more popular in Belgium than in England.

From Belgium the fruit came later to North and South America.

In USA and Canada the Williams pear is also known as “Bartlett.


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