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January 30, 2007

Ölz Powidl Pastry “Powidltascherl”

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The Powidl Pastry is known as “Powidltascherl” in Austria.

Powidl Pastry is made of the finest Danish pastry and filled with Powidl.

The Powidltascherl are manufactured by one of the biggest Austrian cake and pastry producers.

Master baker Ölz comes from Austrias westernmost province Vorarlberg.

Powidl consits of plum puree and receives its sweet taste, in contradiction to jam or marmelade, only by its natural fruit.

For this purpose the Powidl must be cooked for hours.

“This is powidl to me”, says the Austrian if he wants to express that he is not interested.

The Slovak footballer Jozef Valachovic, who was a player in Rapid Vienna, was also called “Powidl Pepi”, because he was able to score the penalties always in a calm and quiet precision.


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