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January 30, 2007

Mirabell Mozart Chocolate Bar Mozarttafel

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The Salzburger Mozart Chocolate Bar from Mirabell consists of Mirabell Mozartkugeln which were worked into a chocolate bar.

The Mozart Bar is filled with nougat cream and marzipan, and covered with delicious milk chocolate.


salzburger mozarttafel mirabell

Mirabell Mozart Violine Mozartkugeln Chocolates

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th January 1756. The componist of the Viennese classic already had violine lessons in his earliest years.

In the age of 6 years he was able to create his first sonatas for piano and violine.

Chocolate manufacturer Mirabell wanted to honour the talent of Salzburgs most famous son with 12 pieces of Mozartkugeln chocolates in a violine shaped paper box: the Mozart Violine


mirabell mozartvioline

Nuss Kipferl Nut Croissant

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The Kipferl has its origin from the wars of the Austrians against the Turkish. The Kipferl stands for the Turkish crescent which can be eaten symbolical.

When the daughter Marie Antoinette of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia married the French monarch Ludwig XVI, she brought the Kipferl to France. That implied the croissant which became such an important symbol of France. The only difference between the Kipferl and the Croissant is, the Kipferl from Austria is made of baker’s yeast dough, while the French Croissant is made of Danish pastry.

The baker company Thurner Beugl from the federal state of Burgenland lets the old tradition of the Viennese bakery liven up again. 40 years ago Rosi and Herbert Thurner founded their company Thurner Beugl and in short time they became an important name in Austria. If you once have the opportunity to taste the Nusskipferl from Thurner Beugl, you know the reason why.



Helmut Sachers Coffee

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When the Turkish army of Kara Mustapha was defeated infront of the gates of Vienna in the 17th century, it had to escape with an overhasty retreat and left all its goods and treasures behind.

Thus the soldiers of the Emperor found the precious treasures of the Turkish in their deserted tents. Among them also coffee beans were found. This was the story how coffee came to Vienna.

Centuries later on the same place: Helmuth Sachers opens his coffee roaster company and enriches the traditonal Viennese coffee scenery with an additonal coffee speciality. Helmut Sachers Coffee.


helmut sachers kaffee wien

Suchard Velma Dark Chocolate

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The big times of Velma Chocolate are over already. In former time the chocolate was known as the most popular in the German speaking area.

At the end of the second world war the “sweet sister” of Velma, Milka Chocolate, was able to take the lead in the German speaking chocolate market.

Velma is finest dark chocolate and doesn’t taste that sweet like Milka. Also the share of milk and sugar is not that high as in the Milka bar.

Velma Chocolate is the aromatic sensuality for all who loves tender-bitter.


suchard velma schokolade

Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln

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Victor Schmidt was a man who lived in Vienna during the middle of the 19th century. As he was a man of many ideas, he was able to build up his own chocolate empire.

His chocolate creations were so successful in that time, his name still lives on in the chocolates called “Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln”.

Tow big names, Victor Schmidt and Mozart, in one little chocolate ball. If there is no maximum taste inside, when then?


victor schmidt mozartkugeln

Original Heller Viennese Candy Sweets Vienna

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The Original Viennese Candy from Heller exists since the 19th century.

The candies are manufactured since that time according to an unchanged receipt. The fillings come from different tropical fruits.

No other candy as the Original Heller represent the most fruity candy taste of a past century long ago, when Austria was an empire and played a big role in international politics.


wiener zuckerl

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter Alpine Herbs Spirits Liqueur Schnapps

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gurktaler alpenkräuter
Gurktaler Alpenkräuter Alpine Herbs is a typical product from the Alpine mountains, and holds in the field of schnapps and bitters a share of the market of 45%.

That puts the Gurktaler Alpenkräuter Alpine Herbs on the first place in Austria.

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter Alpine Herbs is made out of 59 different types of herbs, roots, seeds and fruits.

The well balanced composition selected herbs secures the fine herb taste which makes the Gurktaler Alpenkräuter so special

Strictest quality controls make sure the taste and the pleasant impression of the herbs survive completely.

In olden times the alcoholic preperation of herbs, roots, seeds and fruits was highly regarded.

The first records of recipes of bitters date back to 1050 A.D.






Mirabell Mozart Heart Shaped Box Chocolates

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The Mirabell Mozart Heart with seven Mozartkugeln chocolates and two Mozarttaler medals is the perfect gift for lovers.

Which amorous heart wouldn’t be delighted to receive such caring attention in form of this tender melting chocolate delicacy with marzipan and nougat, in a romantic heart shaped box of metal?


mirabell mozartherz

Empress Sissi of Austria Kugeln Chocolates

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Half a century after her death, Empress Sissi of Austria and Queen of Hungary, conquered the hearts of the world, in the movies about her life.

Also the reputated Viennese candy manufacturer Hofbauer could not escape to be under the charm of the graceful Empress of Austria, and brought out the chocolates called “Sissi Kugeln” which are dedicated to her.

The Sissi Kugel is the result of a composition of tender melting chocolate, filled with a fruity apricot marzipan and creamy nougat. As Empress Sissi was a unique personality, as such as unique candy delicacy is the Sissi Kugel. You have to try the Sissi Kugel to know how grandiose a chocolate can taste. Elseway you would not believe it.


sissi kugeln

Darbo Strawberry Jam Fruchtreich Naturrein

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The Darbo company from Tirol produces delicious jam since 1879. It was Rudolf Darbo who set the foundation stone for the subsequent success story.

Darbo was founded in todays Italian city Gorizia. In that time Gorizia was a part of the Austro Hungarian Empire and known as “Görz”. After the defeat in the first world war Gorizia was taken by the Italians. The boss of Darbo in that time was not so excited about such a change. He left Gorizia right after the war, and moved to Austria. He decided to continue his jam factory in the Tirolean village of Stams.

The overwhelming success of Darbo jam has been after the second world war. Austria became to one of the most important tourist countries in Europe, and the demand for jam and marmelade rised enormous. Darbo was able to make use of such gap in the market and established to the most successful jam producer in Austria.

The secret behind the success of Darbo jam is in the nature of things that 70% fruit content tastes 100% better. Darbo uses more fruit and less sugar. The Darbo secret for lots of flavour and fewer calories.


darbo konfitüre

Pischinger Mandelecken Wafer Almond Chocolate

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The candy manufacturer Pischinger remains since 1849. One of its most important creations is the chocolate waffle product with almonds called “Pischinger Mandelecke”.

Pischinger Mandelecken consists of 8 pieces in every package. They are filled with wafer papers for baking, covered by milk chocolate and strewed with almonds


pischinger mandelecken

Ölz Powidl Pastry “Powidltascherl”

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powidltascherl powidl taschen

The Powidl Pastry is known as “Powidltascherl” in Austria.

Powidl Pastry is made of the finest Danish pastry and filled with Powidl.

The Powidltascherl are manufactured by one of the biggest Austrian cake and pastry producers.

Master baker Ölz comes from Austrias westernmost province Vorarlberg.

Powidl consits of plum puree and receives its sweet taste, in contradiction to jam or marmelade, only by its natural fruit.

For this purpose the Powidl must be cooked for hours.

“This is powidl to me”, says the Austrian if he wants to express that he is not interested.

The Slovak footballer Jozef Valachovic, who was a player in Rapid Vienna, was also called “Powidl Pepi”, because he was able to score the penalties always in a calm and quiet precision.


Horseradish Mautner Markhof Kren

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The horseradish belongs to the family of Brassicaceae plants and is manufactured and sold in Austrias as “Kren”.

Kren is a speciality which has enormous popularity in Austria. Especially during cold snacks or meals a good portion of Kren should not be missing.

The unchallenged number one of horseradishes in Austria is the Kren of Mautner Markhof. The traditional Viennese company manufactures Kren how it should taste: spice and hot, and always made of the best ingredients in premium quality.


kren meerrettich

Kletzerl Raw and Hard Cured Sausage

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kletzerl rohwurst hartwurst
The master butcher Josef Kletzl vouches himself for the highest quality of his meat and sausage specialities.

The hot Kletzerl raw and hard cured sausages distinguish itself by a spicy taste, and count as small but fine snack between the meals.

The Kletzerl raw and hard cured sausages are manufactured in the Upper Austrian province of the Innviertel, and smoked over beech wood.

The Upper Austrian province of the Innviertel was a long time a part of Bavaria. After the war of Bavarian succession between 1777 and 1779, Innviertel became a part of Austria.

Still today the culture and the architecture of the Innviertel reminds strongly on Bavaria.

Under this historical aspects a Kletzerl raw and hard cured sausage also carries a piece of Bavarian culture in itself.

The raw and hard cured sausage of Kletzerl also won the international competition of meat and sausage products with a gold medal. An honour which puncuate the specialized skills of this kind of sausage.


Blaschke Kokoskuppel

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3 years after the first world war, a Lower Austrian confectioner invented the Blaschke Kokoskuppel.

He had the idea to create a unique composition of the finest cacao cream and crispy waffles, which became increasingly popular in Austria until today.

You can buy the Blaschke Kokos almost anywhere in Austria. From supermarkets on to pertrol stations, snack bars, canteens and the buffet of the open-air swimming pool. For a certainty the Blaschke Kokoskuppel can be seen as Austrian success story. Would that kind of success be possible by a bad product? Highly unlikely, and this fact guarantees the quality of this chocolate waffle creation.


blaschke kokoskuppel

January 29, 2007

Nannerl Steinbeisser Schnapps Apricot Spirits

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alpen schnaps steinbeisser aprikose marille nannerl

The Alpine Schnapps Steinbeisser Spirits Apricot comes from the Austrian spirits manufacturer Nannerl in Salzburg.

The Nannerl company has a rich tradition in the spirits and schnapps manufacture, and enjoys a high international reputation.

Nannerl only manufactures products of the highest quality.

Nannerl Alpine Schnapps Steinbeisser is crystal clear and has a sensual smell of fruity apricots.

Nannerl Steinbeisser is indescribable pleasure for the sophisticated schnapps and spirits expert.

In Austria you take your gulp of the Alpine Schnapps Steinbeisser from the little glass called “Stamperl”.







Milka Naps 400 pieces box

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Your daily little chocolate pleasure for a long space of time, is possible with the 400 pieces box of Milka Naps.

In the same way also keep your party guests by good mood with such an huge amount of Milka Naps. Provided your guests like Milka Chocolate.

How long you might need to have this box empty? Give it a try!


milka naps 400 stück

Apple Strudel Chocolate Bar

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The Apple Strudel Chocolate Bar is a brilliant combination of traditonal Viennese apple strudel with cinnamon, and tender melting Viennese milk chocolate.

Apple strudel is a traditional sweet dish of Austria, which already started its triumphant advance through the whole world. The tender covering of sweet milk chocolate creates an harmonical completion for the world famous sweet dish from Austria.

During the manufacturing process the highest attention directs to a good quality. The sources of supply have to face one of the strictest examinations. The filling substance of the apple strudel chocolate receives a rest for a whole day to open its full aroma.


wiener apfelstrudel schokolade

Maybe the Bee Honey Chocolate

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The hard working Maya the Bee worked overtime once again, and created an excellent enrichment for the Austrian candy world. Ooooh, how delighted her brother “lazy Willy” will be about that.

The Küfferle company stands behind this new honey-chocolate speciality.

Maybe the Bee chocolate is manufactured of the finest dairy milk chocolate. The chocolate bar is refined by crispy honey pieces.

This kind of chocolate is truely a very special enjoyment for the chocolate connoisseur. Maya the Bee greets children personally with a shining smile on the top of the package. Well done, Maybe the Bee.


biene maja schokolade mit honig

Mautner Markhof Estragon Mustard

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This kind of mustard is something typcial Austrian indeed. Not by accident the Estragon Mustard is Austrias most popular mustard.

The traditional Austrian company of Mautner Markhof manufactures its Estragon mustard according through a very own process.
The hot and spicy taste proves that this kind of process is the right one.

The company Mautner Markhof exists since 1690, and counts to one of the most important mustard manufacturers in Austria.


estragon senf

Mautner Markhof Kremser Mustard

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Kremser Mustard is manufactured by the Viennese delicatessen manufacturer Mautner Markhof. The company of Mautner Markhof has a very long tradition. Mautner Markhof was founded in 1690. Since that time this name stands for best quality.

Originally the Kremser Mustard was a speciality of the Lower Austrian province “Wachau”, a region of the Danube river. Krems is the biggest city of that region.

Kremser Mustard is a mild and sweet mustard and manufactured by Mautner Markhof according to the original old receipt. Water, mustard seed, wine vinegar, spirits of wine-vinegar, sugar, salt and the finest spices are the ingredients of this wonderful mustard composition.


kremser senf

Napoli Dragee Keksi Biscuits Cookies

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“If only I could stop”, reads the slogan of the Napoli Dragee Keksi. That sentence hits the point. Because if you once started, it’s very hard to keep your fingers from those chocolate cookies, unless the last piece was picked out of the little red bag.

While opening a promising smell of chocolate flows out of the little white bag directly into the nose of the lucky owner. The biscuit is covered with milk chocolate and keeps the promise. The tasty joy of cookies will let your senses flying high.

Napoli Dragee Keksi biscuits are an original Austrian product manufactured in Vienna by the Manner company. Don’t let the name “Napoli” fool you.


napoli dragee keksi

Handl Landjäger

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The origin of the Landjäger raw sausage is located in the federal state of Voralberg, in the outermost western part of Austria. In that part of Austria the sausages were used as long-lasting snack during work in the fields or walks in the mountains.
Nowadays the Landjägers are popular in the whole south of the German speaking area (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria).

The sausage manufacturer Handl from Tyrol was able to create a very special version of the Landjäger. The manufacture only takes place after a very careful selection of the raw materials from the pork and the beef. After addition of traditional spices, the raw material is pressed in special forms. The Landjäger becomes its shape while staying three days there. After the three days the Landjägers were smoked over beech wood. After that the sausages are matured and dried for one whole week.

Harmonical spices are the reasons for the substantial and nourishing flavour of the Landjäger. The long shelf life is secured by the large-scale smoke and drying process of the Tirolean sausage manufacturer Handl.


handl landjäger

Manner Neapolitaner Waffles Wafer

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When the hazelnutcream waffle was sold as “Manner Original Neapolitaner Schnitte” for the first time, Austria had an emperor and its state reached from from todays Italy (Trieste) to the Ukraine (Lviv).

The company Manner was founded in 1890. Only 8 year later the Viennese candy manufacturer was able to create the world famous wafer creation. At the beginning the wafers were sold in single amounts, so also people from the working class were able to enjoy the sweet hazelnut flavour of Manner. The philosophy of Manner was, as everybody in Vienna knew: “chocolate for everyone”. In that time chocolate was pure luxury for the working class.

Since 1924 the hazelnut waffles are packed in the famous two five rows in one package. First in a paper box, and since 1949 in a package of aluminium film, how its sold today.

The title “Neopolitaner” on the package comes from the halzelnutcream. In former time the hazelnuts for that cream were bought in the Italian city of Naples.


manner schnitten